Hear: Vanishing Voice – Morning After

July 31, 2008

Artist: Vanishing Voice

Album: Morning After

Label: Three Lobed

You can thank Vanishing Voice for providing quality music to be used in any creepy situation. Driving through the NJ Pines at night? Vanishing Voice! Just watched a horror flick? Vanishing Voice! Heard a sound coming from your attic? Vanishing Voice!

You get the picture, they are creepy. Their music is also incredibly beautiful. Drones swirl below a shower of drum beats which constantly switch from free-form to tribal rhythms while guitars silently emerge and disappear again. All of this creates songs that just flow perfectly, so perfectly, in fact, that one may not notice a transition until it is fully completed. This cohesion creates a beautiful and hypnotic drone album which I think is one of the best I’ve ever heard.

Listen to Crystal Peak from Morning After.


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