Ringtones Revisited

August 5, 2008

Ring tones seemed forever doomed to be that annoying cheesy tune coming from that guy’s phone in the subway; until now.  Luckily, Max Richter, a composer currently on the Fat Cat label, has come to the rescue.

In a news release by Fat Cat Richter shares his opinions on ring tones stating that they are, “very immediate, personal and democratic” that they have a special ability to “express our thoughts and feelings, tell stories, and connect people”.  With this he has created 24 Postcards in Full Color, a collection of ring tones composed on piano, strings, and electronics that will, he hopes, be able to connect to people in a unique way.

He stresses that these “songs” are not to be listened to as an album (even though they will be released as one), but as series of interconnected pieces that will connect no matter how they are played.

Richter’s live performance of 24 Postcards will require select audience members to download certain pieces to their phones that will be triggered by text message by Richter himself.  When these ring tones are triggered he hopes to create a sense of anticipation of news from another place, the idea behind the title 24 Postcards.

The album will be released 8/25/08 in the UK and 9/23 in the US and Canada.


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