April 2009 Podcast: Stumbling With The Current

April 26, 2009

currentsInitially, I wanted this podcast to be a sort of “indie rock” podcast as I really haven’t ever created one.  Therefore, I set right off with a new(ish) song by Abe Vigoda, and a new song by Swan Lake; but from there slipped off my path.  I dipped deeper and deeper into psychedelia and finally popped my head back out at the end with a Dan Deacon song off of his most current album, Bromst.  The end result was a podcast with a creamy, weird center surrounded by a juicy exterior of normalcy.  Eat up!

04.09: Stumbling With The Current:  Download // Stream

  1. [Δ0:00] Wild Heart by Abe Vigoda: This is an awesome cover of Stevie Nicks’ Wild Heart by the Los Angeles indie-tropical-punk(whatever) band Abe Vigoda.  I love the hypnotic bass and the plucked guitar.
  2. [Δ5:46] Paper Lace by Swan Lake: This band owns.  Why?  Because they have three of Canada’s best musicians (Carey Mercer from Frog Eyes, Spencer Krug from Sunset Rubdown / Wolf Parade, and Dan Bejar from Destroyer).  As an added plus they all have crazy voices too.
  3. [Δ9:26] Cathedral Blues Two by Vampire Hands: I’ve been in love with this song for the past month or so, and I can attribute almost all of that love to the drums.  The semi-tribal drums crash down and are reborn repeatedly; they must be using two kits.  Power!
  4. [Δ13:47] Zero (Animal Collective Remix) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs: I adore every Animal Collective remix that is released.  Sure, I am a complete sucker for anything Animal Collective, but honestly, they’re great.  Unlike your run of the mill remixes, they distort the song instead of slicing it up and slapping a beat on.  They’re experimixes if you will.  Also notable: I’ve never actually heard the original song.
  5. [Δ18:02] Lazy TV by Black Dice: Bloop Bloop Bleep Bloop, ’nuff said.  (I’m so unprofessional, but seriously, this song kills)
  6. [Δ22:45] Oneness by Many Mansions: Marimba laden psychetronica.  What more can one ask for on a hot spring day?  Also, supposedly he smoked up some weed and dropped some LSD and took a walk in the woods and there he climbed a tree.  There were birds all around him.
  7. [Δ26:32] Ratalintu by Shogun Kunitoki: When they first started in the early 1990’s, Shogun Kunitoki only performed electronic music with Commodore 64 computers.  Now years later, they are still working with old and new electronics but have added a new organic feel (drums, etc).  Note: they aren’t Japanese as their band name would suggest.
  8. [Δ29:13] Surprise Stefani by Dan Deacon: Dan Deacon has taken a new approach on his new album; he’s replaced (some of) his electronic instruments with real, honest to god, instruments.  The result?  An onslaught of drums, mallet percussion, and other things.  He’s touring with a massive band; you know you want to see it.

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