Gang Gang Dance— the psychedelic Egypt-influenced drum boomers from Brooklyn– have finally allowed the new single from their upcoming LP, Saint Dymphna, to slip from their fingers.  The single, entitled “House Jam”, was first revealed as a remix by xxxchange of Spank Rock; but now, anxious Gang Gang Dance fans (like me) can finally catch a listen of the real thing at fluxblog.



Good ‘ol Phil Elverum has come again bearing (more) gifts, when does he stop!  On his online shop he’s put up a brand new Mount Eerie / Julie Doiron & Fred Squire collaboration, Lost Wisdom, a Mount Eerie movie, Fog Movies Live, a Mount Eerie book (with 19 songs), Dawn, and a D+ album, What is Doubt For?.  Unfortunately, the fifth addition to the store, a re-issue of No Flashlight, has already sold out.

Mount Eerie is also touring so much that I’m not even going to attempt posting it here. Go here instead and scroll down.

Odditties Sodomies

August 14, 2008

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Grafitti have released a 17-song album full of rarities and unheard material entitled Odditties Sodomies.  It is being sold at shows and the Vinyl International label, but get your hands on it ASAP, it’s limited to 500 copies worldwide!

Ringtones Revisited

August 5, 2008

Ring tones seemed forever doomed to be that annoying cheesy tune coming from that guy’s phone in the subway; until now.  Luckily, Max Richter, a composer currently on the Fat Cat label, has come to the rescue.

In a news release by Fat Cat Richter shares his opinions on ring tones stating that they are, “very immediate, personal and democratic” that they have a special ability to “express our thoughts and feelings, tell stories, and connect people”.  With this he has created 24 Postcards in Full Color, a collection of ring tones composed on piano, strings, and electronics that will, he hopes, be able to connect to people in a unique way.

He stresses that these “songs” are not to be listened to as an album (even though they will be released as one), but as series of interconnected pieces that will connect no matter how they are played.

Richter’s live performance of 24 Postcards will require select audience members to download certain pieces to their phones that will be triggered by text message by Richter himself.  When these ring tones are triggered he hopes to create a sense of anticipation of news from another place, the idea behind the title 24 Postcards.

The album will be released 8/25/08 in the UK and 9/23 in the US and Canada.

Finally, after a year or so of suspense waiting for more news on The Avalanches’ ever so elusive second LP, we have news.  The Avalanches’ Myspace quote in the top left corner has changed, it now says “putting the finishing touches on album 2 !!!!!!!!!”  WHAA! FINISHING TOUCHES!  Keep an eye out for the album, or even a release date, in these coming months (years? decades?), it might come up someday.