NightwavesI genuinely lack the ability to fall asleep to most music.  My main difficulty lies in the fact that I feel the urge to pay undivided attention toward any noise that comes cascading from my speakers at night.  This ailment often runs over to the time after I’m finished listening as well; music is like a sort of caffeinated drink for my ears.  Therefore, I must carefully pick what I listen to before shutting my eyes for the night.  This month’s podcast is a selection of songs which you may find glowing on the screen of my iPod after my night-stand’s light has been extinguished for the night.

02.09: Nightwaves: Download // Stream

  1. [Δ0:00] My Clown by Belong: This is actually the cover of a song originally crafted by July, a psychedelic band from the 60’s.  Would you have been able to guess that though?  The interesting thing about this cover is that it almost seems to be the remains of a song, yet it still holds a powerful aura.  An absolutely incredible tune, I dig the chorus which seems to be sung at a distance amid bouts of analog noise.
  2. [Δ6:26] Noslipós by Library Tapes: Falling asleep in an old library surrounded by books and amber lights.  Do you hear a piano?
  3. [Δ7:56] Long Term (Remote) by The Caretaker: Ask yourself, do these songs evoke any memories?  If you said The Shining then you’d be correct, if you said anything else you’d probably also be correct (hey, it’s up to you).  Originally, The Caretaker project was created to imitate the ballroom scene from The Shining, one of the creepiest movies I’ve ever seen.  Even though the unknown artist behind The Caretaker has moved on to a more psychological approach of imitating amnesia, he/she still seems to keep Stanley Kubrick’s visions strong.  Find yourself forgetting?  Forgettttin…  Forg…
  4. [Δ12:09] Map In Hand Pt. 1 (Prologue) by Seaworthy: Seaworthy is an awesome example of how one’s life seeps into his/her artwork.  Cameron Webb, one of the core members of Seaworthy, has a PhD in environmental science and does most of his work in wetlands.  It seems as if the wetland’s lush green humid conditions have dripped onto the music a bit.
  5. [Δ13:57] Formal Barrier by Ateleia: This song takes many forms, each a different soundscape of its own.  Almost like it is a world of differing ecosystems, each equal yet different.
  6. [Δ19:49] Piece for Four Pianos by Morton Feldman: In my opinion, Morton Feldman’s music embodies the soul purpose of minimalist music.  Although the songs are almost painfully simple and sparse, they create a distinguishable mood in the room; it is music to feel a presence to.
  7. [Δ26:07] Bonfire On The Field by Chihei Hatakeyama: Chihei Hatakeyama’s sole release on Kranky, entitled Minima Moralia, is undoubtedly one of my favorite ambient albums.  The aural images that he creates are quite possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever heard (seen?).  Imagine a bright white and silver room filled with smooth white sculptures… at least that’s what I see.