JulyFirst of all, sorry for missing last month.  I had a podcast made and everything, but I just couldn’t get myself to write about it.  Last month’s podcast has been appended at the end of this article, check it out, I think it turned out well.

Now for this month’s podcast.  I decided to put something together that kind of goes with the flow of summer, something that fit well with the carefree, hazy days and misty nights.  Recently summer music has gotten holed up in the happy pop lo-fi beach music that’s oh-so popular today (and rightfully so, most is great); so instead, I tried to reach into all of the genres and  compile the songs that I thought best suited the atmosphere.  Fetch the portable fans.

07.09: Blaring Car Speakers in the Tune of Melting Popsicles: Download // Stream

  1. [Δ0:00] Ayo Ayo Nene by Mor Thiam: No matter how hard I try, I can’t get this song off of my mind.  I don’t know what it is, but it sticks.  The groove is just unbeatable.  Also, this guy is Akon‘s dad.
  2. [Δ5:34] La Bamba (remix) by Smack Music 7: Usually when I use a remix in a podcast I’d list the original recording artist, but Smack Music 7 totally made mashed potatoes out of this song.  Listen to La Bamba’s dead body floating in a jar of embalming fluid… I mean that in the best way.
  3. [Δ8:20] Agua by Sad City: Once this song gets going it just doesn’t stop.  It gets you moving, keeps you moving, then throws you to the dogs.
  4. [Δ12:27] Ambivalence Avenue by Bibio: I’m all about the infectious songs today, aren’t I?  This one hooks even harder than Ayo Ayo Nene.
  5. [Δ15:54] Sheba by Phoaming Edison: This song reminds me of MTV, old MTV, the MTV that I wasn’t even around for.
  6. [Δ18:32] Banana Jam Pt. 1 by Julian Lynch: If you have not listened to this song loudly while crossing any of the bridges entering any of the islands on the New Jersey coast than you have not lived.  He just released a split (+ videos!) with Ducktails on Underwater Peoples Records.
  7. [Δ22:29] French Milk by Dunebuggy: Dunebuggy is Ryan Garbes of Raccoo-oo-oon, and Charles “Taterbug” Free.  Garbes brings the beats and Tatebug brings the eccentricity.
  8. [Δ24:24] Calling In Sick (feat: Josiah Wolf) by Clovis Heald: Puts you to sleep in the heat.  Haven’t heard anything out of this camp since ’07.


06.09: Smelling Cut Grass: Download // Stream

Half-assed track list for a podcast that’s actually really good:

  1. Hey Friend by Animal Collective
  2. Onset – Beyond Clouds by Dolphins into the Future (AWESOME)
  3. Delora by Religious Girls
  4. Portofino by Teengirl Fantasy
  5. 50mph by Memory Cassette
  6. Fantastico by Christine 23 Onna
  7. Tanning Salon by Matrix Metals
  8. Daily Vacation by Ducktails
  9. Gelly Roll Gum Drop by Sic Alps