BunkeredFor a while now I’ve been wanting to make a podcast that hits harder than the others I’ve put out before.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t feeling the music that I wanted to include at the time, so I decided to wait it out.  Finally, as the weather turned from warm to hot, I started to click with heavier stuff, and now, before your very ears, is the product of this.  The podcast starts out clear enough with Rusty Santos, but soon dives into a sea of fuzz that is The Hospitals.  I hope that you enjoy this month’s podcast as much as I enjoyed making it.

05.09: Bunkered Sound Water:  Download // Stream

  1. [Δ0:00] Solo Pact by Rusty Santos: Rusty Santos, producer of Animal Collective’s legendary (in my opinion) Sung Tongs, obviously has a skill for sound.  In Solo Pact his voice dwindles masterfully among horns, guitars, and other instrumentation.
  2. [Δ1:59] Dream Damage by The Hospitals: Tape hiss!  Detuned guitars!  Amps from pawn shops!  California heat!  A push cart selling shaved ice near the beach!
  3. [Δ3:32] White Strobe Void by Wet Hair: Wet Hair has been described by some as “blissed out”.  I frankly don’t understand how they’ve come to describe them as that, I think that it’s more “I was blissed out once but somebody threw a whole bunch of grease on me”.
  4. [Δ9:18] Igloo by Pyramids: Pyramids are a band from somewhere underwater in the Baltic Sea.  Just kidding, they’re from Texas.
  5. [Δ12:22] The Trees Grew Emotions and Died by Cold Cave:  Cold Cave is Wes Eisold from Philadelphia, PA.  I can’t tell if he’s bringing noise to the electro kids or electro to the noise kids.  Either way, it rocks.
  6. [Δ16:23] Sunday Night by Lotus Plaza: Lockett Pundet, the mastermind behind Lotus Plaza, has created the most euphoric song I’ve heard in a while.  Congratulations Lockett!
  7. [Δ21:00] The Future Looks Bright… Super Bright by Groupshow: Groupshow is awesome, how often do you get to hear three relatively hi-fi artists (Farben, Sad Rockets, and Static) messing around with lo-fi equipment and loose song structures?
  8. [Δ24:47] This Is How We See In The Dark by City Center: The vocals seek to find escape but the brackish cloud of dusty ambiance restrains them.  Eventually, electrical pulses nearly destroy them, but just like any good story, they find themselves finally free at the end.