TunnelingAs I evinced in my Janurary podcast, seasons drastically affect my music tastes.  During the winter I usually enjoy hunkering down and really analyzing different music types.  I tend to reach for more abstract types of music, music that will challenge me, and I believe that some of this has come out in my podcasts.  Now, as the weather gets changes (finally!), so do my music interests.  Now, instead of scrutinizing the essence of the song, I desire to exist side by side with it, letting it enter my ears and take its course on my being.  The podcast that results from this?  Much easier to listen to, and more upbeat on the whole.  Check it:

03.09: Download // Stream

  1. [Δ0:00] The Sun Balance Part I by Vibracathedral Orchestra: This song is an excellent introduction to a mix because it acts as a type of ginger to the song world.  It clears your pallet before the oncoming rush of the next songs.  The sounds seem to be imitating the crashing of waves on a shoreline, yet they are far too electronic to even come close.
  2. [Δ2:53] Blissout by Lemonade: Ahh sweaty dancefloors and drone music.  The break about two and a half minutes in is to die for (“lem-on-aide… blahhh!”).
  3. [Δ9:52] Time For Us All To Love by Bullion: I don’t know what it is about this song, but the first time I heard it couldn’t help but yell, “OH MY GOD!” (I’m not kidding).  It probably has to do with my obsession with straight 4/4 base drum, or maybe the surprising addition of the beat at the beginning of the song.  Whatever it is, it sure gets my synapses firing in that right way.
  4. [Δ14:22] Free Rider by Quiet Village: Nothing reminds me more of the 1970’s than Silent Village.  Too bad I never lived during that time period, nor was the music created then either.  I’m sure it’s the samples that are getting to me head.
  5. [Δ18:27] Reconstruction by Matmos: This track throws me through a tailspin every time.  Somehow they successfully switch from glitchy, super sliced vocals, to a simple folk guitar tune all within the confines of one song.